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"Rent" an inexpensive Term Life Insurance policy to ensure that the dreams your loved ones have are financially possible - whether you're here to see it or not!

Term insurance is probably the simplest type of life insurance to understand. A contract is entered in to between an insurance company and the owner (purchaser) of the policy. A determination is made at the inception concerning how long (the term) the policy will remain in force as long as premiums are paid on a timely basis. If the insured doesn't die during the term, there is no death benefit paid. Because of the very small probability of someone passing away at a young age, term life insurance is quite affordable for many people with young children.  These folks are my favorite candidates for term insurance.

Policies may be designed differently. For example, a policy might carry a "right of renewal" when the term period ends. Others may be "convertible" to a permanent cash value policy without the insured having to prove to the insurance company that they are still in good health. This could be very important for an insured who developed a terminal illness but is expected to outlive the length of the term policy.

The owner doesn't have to be the one whose life is insured. The owner only has to have what is referred to as an "insurable interest". This simply means that the policy owner must be in a position to lose financially if the insured passes away. And this only has to be the case when the policy is purchased. So a divorced person can keep a policy on a former spouse as long as the premiums are paid.

It's really quite easy to obtain a quote for term insurance. In most cases, policies can be issues in just a matter of a few days. I like using a company named "Lightning Issue Term Insurance," because they issue policies so fast. If you suspect a company may be a little wary of your medical condition, try Lightning Term. If you'd like a quote, click on the button and you will likely find out quickly if you qualify:

Yes, I want to find out right now about a Lightning Issue Term policy!

However, if you think that your health is excellent and you want to try to obtain the very best rate possible, click the button below. I will receive your message and will immediately contact you. In addition to completing a much more detailed application, a nurse technician will make an appointment with you to take a urine and blood sample. The company may also request medical records from you doctors' offices. The entire process may take four to six weeks. It's a process, but it's not difficult.

Yes, let's take the time to try for the

best rate we can get!

Term life insurance enjoys many of the wonderful benefits permanent life insurance offers: 




  • Policies can accumulate enough credits through the SAGE program to pay for students' first year of college

So, What is the SAGE Program?

The Savings and Growth for Education (SAGE) Program has identified 370+ private colleges willing to guarantee scholarships to applicants affiliated with SAGE. On average, twenty new schools join each year. The system works on a Tuition Rewards Point basis awarded by financial advisers. SAGE's 2016 high school seniors reduced their college tuition by $74.6 million by submitting Reward Points to member colleges. 

There is no cost for a family to enroll. As my client, you will automatically receive 500 Reward Points for completing your enrollment at Active clients earn points each year. There is no maximum number of Reward Points a family may accumulate, but scholarships are limited to one full year's tuition spread evenly over four years. One point = $1.00

My clients earn Reward Points by:

  • Placing eligible insurance and financial products with me

  • Referring clients to me

  • Completing an annual review with me

  • Having other family members place business with me


Is any money deducted from my clients' accounts for this?

NO. This is a FREE Program!

Are SAGE student enrollees guaranteed admission to member colleges?

No. Normal admission standards apply.

What's the "catch?"

There is no "catch." SAGE helps member colleges reach their enrollment goals. 

Where can I find a full list of participating colleges?

Simply click on the button!

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